Sika is to introduce its clear plastics packaging adhesive into the UK high quality packaging market following its success in mainland Europe.

The transparent, polyurethane, hot-melt adhesive is suitable for bonding a range of plastics materials, particularly PP, PET and PBT. It is said to form a tough, durable bond that is resistant to moisture, low and high temperatures and chemical attack.

Designed to be used in the manufacture of clear plastics boxes and packaging, Sikamelt 9636/10 enables high quality products to be made that are robust and not let down by visible adhesive.

Sikamelt has been given European-wide approval from the ISEGA testing institute in Berlin for indirect food contact, allowing it to be used for foodstuff applications such as sandwiches and chocolates.

The clear adhesive requires no surface preparation before application and can be applied using a hot melt system with a nozzle head.