The new Glass Seal solutions provide the brand owners with increased aesthetics and leak protection for glass jars and bottles-based products

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TekniPlex Consumer Products unveils Glass Seal for glass containers. (Credit: TekniPlex)

US-based materials science company TekniPlex Consumer Products has unveiled a new line of one-piece heat induction seals, Glass Seal, for glass containers.

The firm has designed the Glass Seal sustainable and renewable solution to provide brand owners with increased aesthetics and leak protection for glass jars and bottle-based products.

According to the company, Glass Seal liners can assist distinguish a wide range of items in glass containers, including vitamins, moisturisers, and other products.

TekniPlex said that the liners, which are available in foam-backed and paperboard-backed options, pull out neatly without leaving any residue on the rim.

The liners are e-commerce compliant, tamper-evident and offer a variety of tab design options. They can also be custom printed or embossed to increase brand exposure and appeal, the material science firm added.

TekniPlex Consumer Products Americas Integrated Performance Solutions sales director Jacqui Barber said: “Glass jars and bottles have always been associated with sustainability, but are also seen as having branding and ease of use limitations.

“Our Glass Seal solutions address several of these challenges, offering reliable leak protection with a clean peel for an enhanced consumer experience, and a bevy of branding options for product differentiation.”

TekniPlex said that several brands seek to add a touch of beauty to their glass packaging as sustainability has become a key part of consumer-packaged goods. The packaging solutions are also eco-friendly because of their infinite recyclability.

Some brands are transitioning to glass packaging from other materials for product protection, improving consumer experiences, and providing opportunities for brand differentiation.

TekniPlex Consumer Products delivers advanced materials science solutions for companies in the food & beverage, CPG industries, beauty and personal care, household items, and food and beverage sectors.

In November last year, the firm launched a new PCR dip tube in European markets for use in industrial aerosol and household cleaning product applications.

The ProTecFlow dip tube can be made from up to 100% post-consumer recycled content depending on the customers’ needs, according to the company.