The Ohio facility will be the eighth for the company in the speciality moulded fibre sector in which its investments are now almost $350m


TekniPlex announces plans for a new speciality moulded fibre facility. (Credit: TekniPlex/PRNewswire)

TekniPlex Consumer Products has revealed plans to build a new speciality moulded fibre solutions facility in Ohio, US.

To span an area of 200,000ft², the facility is aimed to begin operations early next year. It will have room for further expansion in the future, said the advanced materials science solutions provider.

According to TekniPlex Consumer Products, the speciality moulded fibre solutions facility will further grow its capabilities and capacity in the sustainability-minded niche, with a range of products including egg cartons.

The company said that the new technology facilitates the production of stronger, better-quality egg cartons to improve the protection of eggs.

TekniPlex Consumer Products fibre business vice president and general manager Jay Arnold said: “We are excited to continue to bring new technology with our speciality moulded fibre solutions expansion including our high-performance egg carton, which provides superior egg protection to our customers, reducing food waste and cost.”

The Ohio facility will be the eighth for the company in just the speciality moulded fibre sector. It takes the company’s investments in the segment to nearly $350m.

In a period of 14 months, TekniPlex acquired three speciality moulded fibre solutions providers in Keyes Packaging Group and Fibro in the US, and most recently, EMATEC, which operates five fibre manufacturing facilities in Mexico.

TekniPlex Consumer Products CEO Eldon Schaffer said: “The new facility will combine TekniPlex’s fibre capabilities with technology platforms obtained through our recent strategic acquisitions.

“Moulded fibre is a renewable bio-based material derived from 100% natural, typically recycled paper and cardboard fibres, making it highly attractive to brands seeking to expand their bio-based packaging offerings.”

TekniPlex Consumer Products caters to companies across the globe in sectors such as household items, food and beverage, and beauty and personal care.

The new Ohio plant indicates the plans of TekniPlex to continue broadening its portfolio in speciality moulded fibre as well as in sustainability-minded materials. This is particularly in those comprising considerable amounts of post-consumer recycled (PCR) content or made up of more recyclable resins such as PET.