Tekni-Plex Medical offers medical-grade, polymer-based solutions for medical devices and other applications

Medical unit

Image: Tekni-Plex Medical provides mission-critical, high-value components, materials and solutions to medical device manufacturers. Photo: courtesy of Ri Butov from Pixabay.

Packaging solutions provider Tekni-Plex has established a new medical business unit to serve medical device manufacturers across the globe.

Tekni-Plex Medical offers advanced medical-grade, polymer-based solutions, including compounds, tubing and other products, for medical devices and other applications.

The new medical business unit supplies mission-critical, high-value components, materials and solutions to medical device manufacturers.

Tekni-Plex Medical will provide products and services earlier supplied separately by the company’s Colorite, Natvar and Dunn businesses.

Manufacturing activities will be carried out in the same locations, which hold the capacity to run the same material specifications on the same equipment across the world for multinational customers.

Tekni-Plex Medical includes Colorite, Natvar and Dunn product brands

The new business unit will use Colorite, Natvar and Dunn as product brands. Major healthcare and medical device manufacturers use Colorite brand’s advanced medical-grade compounds.

Colorite brand is also comprised of PVC and TPE medical-grade compounds, which were designed to meet product objectives.

Natvar brand includes multilayer and multi-lumen tubing, in addition to a range of value-added options such as tapered, striped, thermoformed and special profile products.

The extruded tubes can be used in applications such as intravenous therapy, dialysis, respiratory, and surgical equipment.

Dunn brand includes precision extruded tubing for endovascular catheters and minimally invasive devices.

Also, Dunn produces custom medical tubing for diagnostic and interventional devices from a wide range of thermoplastics.

Tekni-Plex president and CEO Paul Young said: “Our goal is to be a trusted advisor, helping our customers make the best decisions on their most important business issues through deep engagement, expertise, innovation and quality.

“Our globally integrated operations will help us provide better and faster solutions to meet customer needs.”

In September this year, Tekni-Plex purchased automation equipment solutions manufacturer MMC Packaging Equipment to make it a part of its Tri-Seal business.

Based in Québec, Canada, MMC Packaging is a manufacturer of cap lining/wadding, cap assembly, cap-slitting and band-folding, and cap closing machines for both speciality and beverage closures.