Technipaq, a medical packaging manufacturer for the healthcare, medical device, diagnostic and life science industries, has further expanded and enhanced its production capacity with the addition of new printing and pouch fabricating machinery.

Technipaq Inc Equipment

Image: Platen Sealing Pouch System, which is designed for the high-efficiency production of chevron and other types of medical pouches. Photo: courtesy of PRNewswire.

The company’s most prominent new addition is a Platen Sealing Pouch System, which is designed for the high-efficiency production of chevron and other types of medical pouches.

Featuring matchless process control and intelligent sealing technology, toolless die changes and other innovative features, this new equipment provides Technipaq with a significant competitive advantage regarding its breadth and variety of pouch products, overall production capacity and speed-to-market.

In addition to the Platen machine, a new header bag will be installed in the 1st Quarter of 2019.  Of note are the hiring of additional engineers, industry specialists and on-floor inspectors. The company also re-certified its ISO 13845 designation.

Further, Technipaq is now bolstering its Product Quality with the addition of Vision Detection System on pouch converting machines. Through its high-resolution camera detection and customized software, the system allows for continuous product flow inspection—performing multiple monitoring functions in parallel designed to detect flaws at a level far beyond what can be seen by the human eye.

“Making investments of this caliber are what keeps our company at the forefront of the industry, as they are completely in the best interest of our customer,” said Technipaq President Brian Rosenburg.

“It offers our customers an unmatched level of process control and further increases delivery speed to market. Perhaps most important, it helps ensure a defective product never reaches the hands of the end customer.”

This is third major injection of capital back into the business in the past five years. It is part of a decade-long, multi-stage re-investment strategy designed to further expand its service offerings and production capacity to support the growth of its growing, global customer base.

“Since our inception 35 years ago, our focus has remained on delivering the highest quality packaging solutions and most robust array of design capabilities the industry has to offer,” said Rosenburg. “From conception to creation to customization to the hands of the end customer, our goal is to make the investments today that meet our client’s needs of tomorrow.

With more than 100,000 square-feet of manufacturing and warehousing space, Technipaq is capable of laminating, printing, slitting, sheeting, die-cutting, and fabricating flexible sterilize or non–sterilize bags and pouches to exact specifications.

Source: Company Press Release.