The PC-21 full degree cooler has been designed as a non-hazardous alternative to dry ice to transport mRNA Covid-19 vaccine

Thermal Custom Packaging

TCP introduces PC-21 transportation solution for mRNA Covid vaccine

Medical products manufacturer Thermal Custom Packaging (TCP) has developed an ultra-cold solution to transport the Covid-19 vaccine at -21 degrees centigrade.

Approved by the US FDA, the full degree cooler, named PC-21, has been designed as a non-hazardous alternative to dry ice to store and safely transport Covid mRNA Covid vaccine

Capable of precisely maintaining the vaccine’s desired temperature, the PC-21 insulated reusable totes are available in three sizes – TCP Small Tote 350 Covid vaccines, Medium Tote 1,000 Covid vaccines, Large Tote 2,100 Covid vaccines.

PC-21 is available in refrigerated and frozen formats

The solution, available in refrigerated and frozen formats, enables transportation of between 350 and 2,100 doses of the vaccine for many hours.

According to TCP, its phase change materials (PCMs) are equipped to store and release large amounts of energy while maintaining a temperature within a specific range.

“PCMs can reliably maintain 0-degree Centigrade (refrigerated), -7-degree Centigrade (frozen), -16-degree Centigrade (frozen), and 21-degree Centigrade (ultra-cold) temperatures depending on the application. TCP’s PC0 can maintain the refrigerated temperature needed to store one thawed/refrigerated mRNA COVID vaccine for 30 days,” TCP said.

TCP director Dr Clifford Glade said: “Thermal Custom Packaging is run by doctors who understand medical needs in the field.

“I am a doctor, as are many of my staff. All of our products are tested out in the field, reviewed and modified until they meet our expectations.”

TCP manufactures cold-chain transport solutions, insulated containers (totes), and the chemical reactions that maintain them.