The company’s insulated totes are medically-backed containers that will help keep sensitive materials at desired temperatures


TCP totes maintaining Covid vaccines refrigerated 2-8°C during a vaccination clinic. (Credit: Thermal Custom Packaging)

Thermal Custom Packaging (TCP), a provider of cold-chain transport solutions, has launched transport totes for blood specimens, biological pharmaceuticals and Covid-19 vaccines.

The insulated totes, which are medically-backed containers, will help keep sensitive materials at desired temperatures.

Developed using custom-made TCP phase change materials (PCMs), the totes with different temperatures are available to the clients.

The company is offering refrigerated totes (2-8°C), frozen totes (-7 or -16°C) and ultra-cold (-21°C).

According to the company, the durable and lightweight totes can be easily cleaned and sanitised.

TCP is offering the specimen transport tote in three sizes, including small, medium, and large, to better meet the medical transport requirements of the clients.

Its small tote with 4lbs has the capacity to carry 350 vaccines, while the medium tote with 5lbs has the potential to carry 1,000 vaccines and the large tote with eight pounds can carry up to 2,100 vaccines.

Totes can be installed with refrigerated, frozen, or ultra-cold PCMs, thereby helping to avoid the use of dry ice, ice or gel packs.

Designed specifically for TCP’s tote units, the PCMs consist of a near-indestructible hard outer shell.

At present, the complete cold-chain solution is used to ship Covid-19 vaccines at refrigerated or ultra-cold temperatures for school districts, healthcare facilities, and government agencies across the US.

The company also stated that it offers the same complete cold-chain transport solution to remote villages for vaccination and treatment. It manufactures products at the Hialeah facility in Florida, US.

TCP has expertise in the development of cold-chain transport solutions for blood specimens, pharmaceuticals and Covid-19 vaccines.