The vieVERTe brand currently includes TC Transcontinental Packaging’s commercialised compostable product line and in-market 100% recyclable product line


TC Transcontinental Packaging produces flexible plastic and paper products such as rollstock, bags and pouches (Credit: Pixabay)

TC Transcontinental Packaging has introduced new vieVERTe sustainable product portfolio, as part of its commitment to reduce the impact on the environment.

The launch of vieVERTe brand is in line with the company’s commitment to provide 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable products by 2025.

TC Transcontinental’s vieVERTe sustainable product portfolio for a better environment

At present, the vieVERTe brand includes TC Transcontinental Packaging’s commercialised compostable product line (BPI certified for industrial composting), as well as in-market 100% recyclable product line (ready for in-store drop off) that includes (post-consumer resin) options.

The vieVERTe sustainable products are said to offer all the benefits provided by flexible packaging, including barrier, strength, performance, shelf stability, and graphic appeal while serving as a responsible end-of-life solution.

Its products are custom developed as per the customers’ needs and product requirements. The company is providing vieVERTe products in rollstock or finished bags and pouches, as well as sustainable fitment options such as de-gassing valves.

TC Transcontinental Packaging said that it is working to fulfil the commitments outlined in TC Transcontinental’s 2019-2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Plan.

It is also planning to expand vieVERTe brand with the addition of new reusable products to achieve the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s vision of minimising the plastic waste.

To support its sustainable efforts, TC Transcontinental intends to advance research and development initiatives and invest around 1% of its overall packaging sector’s annual revenues.

TC Transcontinental Packaging innovation and sustainability R&D senior vice president Alex Hayden said: “We are taking an all-out approach to build out our vieVERTe brand products. To do so, we will be investing heavily in our R&D teams and technologies, creating time and focus to accelerate projects, and building strong partnerships up and down the supply chain.”

TC Transcontinental Packaging, the packaging sector of Transcontinental, produces a range of flexible plastic and paper products such as rollstock, bags and pouches, shrink films and bags, and advanced coatings.

In January this year, TC Transcontinental Packaging introduced a new 100% recyclable and multilayer barrier stand-up pouch in North America.