A company in Spain has designed an alternative to traditional paper fast food bags that incorporates a detachable tablecloth.

Laurence Seidler, ceo of venture capital company Advent Global, says his BreakAway bag is so innovative that the European Patent Office says all six patent claims on it are novel. “When researching the fast food market we discovered that however good the food was, consumers felt let down at the time of consumption,” he explains. “Our bag’s integral tablecloth makes all the difference between a civilised and uncivilised eating experience.”

The semi-rigid bag with sealed top and carrying handles incorporates detachable sheets to form a tablecloth; these also form “pouches” when attached to the main bag and can be filled with condiments, cutlery and napkins.

Seidler says: “The bag’s several flat surfaces are a boon for advertising while, in fast food outlets, order processing can be speeded-up because customers no longer need trays”.

The Advent ceo claims the BreakAway also offers up to three times better thermal insulation by virtue of the air trapped in the two side pouches, its additional paper layers and sealed top.

The carriers will cost about twice as much as traditional fast food bags.