The new centre in Waiblingen will be used for the formulation, development and production of oral solid dosage forms


The new centre offers many machines to customers for all formats and products in different cleanroom classes. (Credit: Syntegon Technology GmbH)

Process and packaging technology provider Syntegon Technology has opened its new oral solid dosage (OSD) customer centre in Waiblingen, Germany.

The 600m² facility will be used for the formulation, development and production of OSD forms.

Syntegon’s new centre includes cleanrooms, assembly areas, offices, meeting and training rooms to help customers develop and advance their processes, as well as provide seminars and training.

The company has expanded the cleanroom capacity at its site in Waiblingen six-fold. The OSD customer centre includes a team of pharmacists, chemists, process specialists, engineers, trainers and service technicians to efficiently serve customers.

Syntegon offers its customers TPR tablet presses for mono and bilayer tablets and GKF capsule filling machines for all formats and products in various cleanroom classes

Also, the company has used the newly developed automated process development (APD) tool for the development of optimum parameters. It is also suitable for active ingredients or formulations, which is yet to be approved.

The new OSD customer centre is said to complement the range of specialised laboratories and customer centres at Syntegon.

The firm also has OSD facilities in Schopfheim of Germany and Hangzhou of China, in addition to the new centre in Waiblingen.

Syntegon OSD customer centre head Dr Thomas Brinz said: “From the development of active ingredients or formulations to process optimisation or machine operator training – we bridge the gap between all these disciplines.

“We also offer them the process analysis of active ingredients and formulations, as well as the diagnosis of existing processes. Especially for powders, we can now offer more comprehensive services.”

In September this year, Syntegon Technology introduced a new redesigned CBS-D continuous band sealer machine range to better serve its customers.