The new Syfel bags and boxes feature antimicrobial technology to protect users against harmful microbes

Syfel 1

The Safety's reusable shopping bags. (Credit: Syfel Inc./PRNewsfoto)

Syfel, a producer of reusable bags, has introduced a new line of antimicrobial reusable shopping bags and boxes to provide an extra safety measure for staff and customers.

The new shopping bags and boxes have been designed to help protect users from health hazards caused by microbes.

Syfel claims that it is the only firm in North America to supply reusable shopping bags, which feature an integrated antimicrobial technology.

Antimicrobial technology embedded in the bags and boxes

The technology, which is capable of inhibiting the growth of bacteria, moulds and fungi, is embedded in the bags and boxes during manufacturing.

Capable of being used on any fabric, the technology provides protection even if they are not cleaned. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-compliant additive has been tested to ISO standards.

Although the additive is not visible and cannot be smelled or tasted, it does not affect foods and protects throughout the lifetime of the bag.

Syfel noted that the new antimicrobial reusable shopping bags and boxes can inhibit microbes’ growth by 99.99%.

In the case of food leakage, the new antimicrobial technology ensures protection for the users of the Syfel bags and boxes against foodborne illnesses.

Syfel is engaged in providing customised reusable bags in North America. It manufactures and distributes reusable bags on both sides of the Atlantic.

With offices in North America and Europe, Syfel intends to replace single-use plastic bags.