Pira International is to play a major role in SUSTAINPACK, a four year EU project to begin early in 2004. It will focus on innovation and sustainable development in the fibre based packaging value chain. The aim is to develop new complex multifunctional packaging materials based on wood fibres and renewable polymers exploiting nanotechnology. The materials will be recyclable and “meet high environmental specifications”.

Pira will undertake supply chain and technology mapping, futures research, cost modelling of the fibre based packaging value chain, and co-ordination of demonstrating and dissemination programmes. The project consortium represents 13 countries and consists of 15 research institutes including Pira, 10 universities and eight industry partners – Ahlstrom, Kappa Packaging, Smurfit, Stora Enso, Cartonajes Levante, Walki Wisa, Xaar Jet, and Sainsburys.


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