Converter Accessory Corp has improved its patented WrinkleStop and Multi-Adjust WrinkleStop no-bow expanding smooth surface spreader roll systems. The improvements include a new contoured disk design said to aid in surface expansion and greatly reduce unsupported space between disks. According to CAC, the WrinkleStop now holds better OD tolerance, offers an even smoother surface than that found on earlier models and includes a new clamping mechanism that improves roll life and contributes to improved OD concentricity.

More than 1,500 original versions of the WrinkleStop are in use in North America.

Multi-Adjust WrinkleStop offers all the benefits of the standard roll, but also features a field serviceable design that allows back-up sleeves to be stocked and changed on site, significantly reducing downtime.

In addition to improving quality and significantly reducing scrap (in some cases to zero, it is claimed), WrinkleStop spreader rolls are said to have frequently allowed an overall increase in line speeds. They remove wrinkles with no web distortion, offer edge-to-edge adjustability, from 0 per cent to 100 per cent spread while the web is in motion, the company states. They also require no special tools for adjustment and have a broad range of applications in laminating, slitting, printing, coating, textiles, paper, film and non woven production.


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