Zünd G3 digital cutting system will allow SunDance to make the cutting process seamless based on the job's material and quality requirements


The Zünd G3 Digital Cutter has been selected by SunDance. (Credit: SunDance)

Orlando-based marketing, mail, design and print firm SunDance has purchased Zünd G3 Digital Cutter to boost its production capabilities.

The newly purchased Zünd G3 Digital Cutter will provide SunDance with more cutting options and provide improved cut quality with their packaging, marketing materials, signage and more.

SunDance said that the Zünd digital cutting system will make the cutting process seamless based on the job’s material, available tooling and quality requirements.

SunDance president JohnHenry Ruggieri said: “We’re always looking to meet customers’ needs faster and make their brand stand out with beautiful print products.

“With the Zünd digital cutter, SunDance will be able to provide a higher level of service, cut quality and more shape options than ever before.”

The system has been designed to increase the operator’s workflow efficiency from designing and planning to printing and cutting.

Zünd G3 Digital Cutter designed to minimise setup times

The Zünd G3 Digital Cutter features intelligent design to minimise setup times, reduce operator error and ensure maximum productivity.

The barcode reader or Integral Cut Queue of the system allows operators to quickly pull up job-specific details while its software determines when and how to cut the job based on material specifications, order ID, due date and priority to ensure smoother workflow.

Additionally, the system is designed to accept a variety of vector file formats, including ai, pdf, dxf, plt, eps, cf2, svg, hpg, hpgl, gtk, cut, zcc among others.

In May 2019, SunDance purchased a new EHD Series Kluge die cutter and foil stamper in order to enhance its production capabilities.

Designed to run at a speed of up to 3,300 impressions per hour, the Kluge EHD will help carry out various finishing tasks, including foil stamping, die-cutting, kiss-cutting, embossing, debossing, perforating and scoring.

The machine can accommodate sheets up to 17″ x 24.75″ with up to 40 square inches of die area.