The new package includes illuminated changes to the previous sunrays and a refashioned image of the Sun-Maid girl

Sun-Maid New Packaging

Sun-Maid to introduce new logo and packaging design for its snacks packages. (Credit: PRNewsfoto/Sun-Maid Growers of California.)

US-based whole fruit snack brand Sun-Maid has announced a new logo and packaging design for its Sun-Maid snacks.

The firm expects that the new packaging design keeps its icon intact and delivers inspiration as well as valuable information for millennial shoppers.

Designed with the help of feedback from the consumers, the new package comprises illuminated changes to the previous sunrays and a refashioned image of the Sun-Maid girl.

The feedback from the consumers directed the US-based whole fruit snack brand to maintain the existing design with minor updates to the sun.

Sun-Maid said: “Overwhelmingly, today’s shoppers know and love Sun-Maid as a recognisable, timeless and trusted brand.

“They expressed the importance of the brand preserving its identity and warm nostalgic feel while appealing to its millennial target.”

The Non-GMO Project verification is printed on the front of the new package

The snack brand has updated the packaging design with a modernised font to highlight key product differentiation, functional product benefits and appetite appeal.

The callouts, including “0g of added sugar” and “made with whole fruit” as well as the Non-GMO Project verification have been printed on the front side of the package.

Sun-Maid president and CEO Harry Overly said: “The redesign was a delicate balance between updating a package that hadn’t been touched since the 1970s, and not disrupting the recognition and awareness we have with this loved brand.

“The beloved Sun-Maid Girl and logo debuted over a century ago and gives the brand the trusted and timeless identity it enjoys today.

“The reintroduction maintains our icon and adds fresh aesthetics and important information about our better-for-you snacks to our package, which today’s shopper demands.”

The new updated packaging of Sun-Maid snacks, which is now on the shelf, is expected to be completely rolled out for top SKUs by Easter.