Strapping machinery specialist Mosca has introduced a number of new machines to its fold, including two value models, a machine devised to handle long length materials and a model for horizontal strapping.

The two ‘economy’ Mosca automatic machines comprise the RO-M-ECO, incorporating a single size arch for use with 4mm PP strap, and the RO-TRP-4 based on the RO-MP-4.

Both use Mosca’s drive technology and advanced sealing head but costs are reduced by removing extras such as touch screen technology. Typical speeds are 30-35 and 30 straps/min, respectively.

The RO-MP-4H allows horizontal strapping of loads, ideal for stabilising items such as fruit and vegetables into boxes that are liable to be damaged from the downward pressure of a normal vertical strapping operation.

For long materials the RO-M-RI features a split arch which allows products to pass over the strapper rather than through it. Once the product is in position, the arch closes to apply the strap and then opens again to allow the strapped product to proceed. This is said to save space, particularly the amount of room required between the forming machine and the strapping operation.