The new recycling line is being planned to enhance the recycling of used beverage cartons in Central and Eastern Europe


Stora Enso and Tetra Pak will conduct a feasibility study for new recycling line for used beverage cartons. (Credit: Stora Enso)

Stora Enso has collaborated with Tetra Pak to conduct a feasibility study for the construction of a new recycling line for used beverage cartons (UBC) at Stora Enso’s Ostrołęka mill in Poland.

Both companies are exploring the possibility of a new recycling line to boost the recycling of UBC in Central and Eastern Europe.

Tetra Pak East Europe managing director Guillaume Latourrette said: “We are confident that this partnership will allow us to improve Europe’s recycling infrastructure and further increase the recycling rate of UBC in the region.

“It is through synergies like this one that we will be able to lead the sustainability transformation and achieve a low-carbon circular economy.”

Details of the feasibility study

In the study, Stora Enso would pulp and separate the fibres from used beverage cartons at its Ostrołęka mill. The recycled fibres will be used as a raw material.

Tetra Pak would recycle and reuse polymers and aluminium that can be processed by a dedicated partner. The recycling line can recycle 50 000 tonnes of UBC per annum if realised.

According to Stora Enso, the new recycling line will help increase the European beverage carton recycling rate from the current 51% and the recycled post-consumer beverage carton material will come from Central and Eastern European countries in the first stage.

The companies intend to complete the feasibility study in six months and announce the possible decisions regarding the project and timeline.

Stora Enso LPB aseptic and CUK vice president Markku Luoto said: “Beverage cartons are widely recycled in Europe today and we want to use our knowledge of fibres and board to promote and accelerate the recycling and collection of beverage carton materials.

“Our process at Ostrołęka Mill already uses recycled (OCC) materials. We are interested in developing the already well-functioning recycling system and using high-quality UBC fibres.”

In August this year, Stora Enso announced the development of a pilot facility for the production of bio-based packaging foam material, as part of its sustainable efforts.