Cellufoam by Stora Enso is a sustainable packaging material that will help replace fossil-based materials


Stora Enso has announced the development of pilot facility for bio-based packaging foam. (Credit: Rupert Kittinger-Sereinig from Pixabay)

Finnish pulp and paper products manufacturer Stora Enso has announced the development of a pilot facility for the production of bio-based packaging foam material, as part of its sustainable efforts.

The lightweight and fibre-based foam material, dubbed Cellufoam by Stora Enso, is suitable for protective packaging and cushioning applications.

Part of Stora Enso’s biomaterials division, the new pilot facility is being built at the company’s Fors Mill in Sweden. Fors Mill is currently engaged in the production of light-weight paperboards for consumer packaging applications.

Cellufoam by Stora Enso, a sustainable packaging material, allows the company to replace fossil-based materials. The renewable and recyclable bio-based foams will help replace oil-based polymer foams in most of the packaging applications.

Initially, the company intends to provide sustainable packaging material for use as protective packaging for fragile products such as consumer electronics.

Bio-based foams are said to have the potential to replace polymeric foams in various markets and applications such as sports equipment and thermal insulation in shipments, as well as a growth medium in soil-free farming.

The pilot will help assess and validate Cellufoam as a packaging foam in customer tests and further develop the production process.

Stora Enso’s pilot facility is expected to be operational in Q4, 2021

Stora Enso’s pilot facility is expected to commence operations in the fourth quarter of 2021, while the design and engineering activities related to the facility will begin immediately.

The design and engineering of the pilot facility will start immediately. It is estimated that the plant will be ready in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Stora Enso biomaterials division executive vice president Markus Mannström said: “Our bio-based foam offers a renewable, recyclable and biodegradable alternative to traditional oil-based packaging foams such as expanded polyethylene (EPE) and expanded polystyrene (EPS).

“With this pilot, we continue to build on our long-term R&D work while introducing innovative materials to replace fossil-based ones.”

In June this year, Stora Enso introduced new low carbon paperboard for chocolate packaging applications.