The new food-safe packaging papers have been developed to replace fossil-based packaging materials


Stora Enso has introduced new food-safe packaging papers. (Credit: Stora Enso)

Pulp and paper products manufacturer Stora Enso has introduced new environmentally-friendly food-safe packaging papers, as part of its efforts to reduce plastic waste.

The new food-safe papers, including LumiPack and LumiWrap, have been developed to replace fossil-based packaging materials.

The company stated that it is expanding the portfolio of packaging papers with alternatives that are fully recyclable, reusable, or compostable to shift away from fossil-based materials and towards a circular economy.

LumiWrap is a sustainably sourced and food-safe paper, which can also be used with moist or fatty foods. It is also fully recyclable in the paper stream.

Stora Enso is offering lightweight LumiPack for use in corrugated boxes and pouches. The company has also updated the C1S (one side coated) portfolio to offer additional weights and enhanced strength.

Stora Enso has also added new grammages for other packaging papers such as LumiFlex Light and LumiLabel Light lines, in addition to launching two new fibre-based papers that meet stringent safety regulations.

In a statement, Stora Enso business and product development manager Teija Kärkkäinen stated that the company’s packaging papers have met proven food safety certification standards with no harmful chemicals, thereby making them suitable for use by the food industry.

In June 2020, Stora Enso provided the sustainable paperboard cups for Finnish food company Fazer’s oat snacks.

Fazer Aito and Fazer Yosa oat snacks have been launched in new paperboard cups to reduce the use of plastic and minimise the impact on the environment.