The new eco-friendly and recyclable barrier solutions will replace plastics in foodservice applications


Stora Enso introduces new barrier materials for paper cup and food packaging applications (Credit: Stora Enso)

Finnish pulp and paper products manufacturer Stora Enso has launched new barrier materials for paper cup and food packaging applications.

Part of the company’s renewable packaging material portfolio, the new eco-friendly and recyclable barrier solution has been developed to replace plastics in foodservice applications.

Aqua and Aqua+ dispersion barriers are suitable to produce paperboard for cups and foodservice packaging

Aqua and Aqua+, the company’s new fluorochemical-free dispersion barriers, will be used to manufacture paperboard for cups and foodservice packaging through avoiding the traditional plastic layer.

Aqua is grease resistant, and Aqua+ is both liquid and grease resistant. The new dispersion barriers will help improve packaging performance, as well as protection for food in different applications, said the company.

Stora Enso said that all of its boards are made from sustainably sourced, renewable wood fibre. Aqua products surface is finished with water-based dispersion technology to make it liquid and grease resistant and break down in a recycling process such as paper, helping to efficiently recover fibre.

The company is providing different baseboards with the dispersion barrier for various design opportunities and functionality.

CKB Nude Aqua is a natural brown kraft board for short-contact food packaging applications, including fast food and dry food.

Cupforma Natura Aqua+, a material for paper cups, is provided with a dispersion barrier on one side for hot drinks or on two sides for cold drinks and ice cream packaging. The existing machines lines can be used to print and convert new materials.

Stora Enso packaging materials new barrier solutions business head Ebba Mannheimer said: “The new barriers are aimed at retailers and brand owners who want to improve recyclability of their food packaging to meet eco-conscious consumers’ demands.

“The materials are suitable for paper cups, ice cream packaging and fast, frozen and dry food packaging.”

Last month, Finnish dairy products manufacturer Valio has teamed up with Stora Enso to trial reusable biocomposite lids on quark containers.