Shrink sleeve specialist Fuji Seal Europe has installed three QuadTech Autotron Packaging 2600 register guidance systems on the gravure presses at its Gillingham plant in the UK. They have enabled the company to increase the speed of its presses by around 10 per cent, while maintaining product quality.

“This boost in productivity has enabled us to retain our competitive edge in a fiercely competitive market,” reveals print technician Alan Henderson. “The productivity increase is not only on-the-run. Our start-up times are also 25-30 per cent quicker, due to the Autotron’s ability to see and respond to register marks within a few turns of the press.”

He continues: “We have also been able to improve the colour-to-colour registration on problematic substrates. We needed a registration solution that was flexible as well as fast and simple to set up, especially on a combination press. Here we often run two jobs at once controlled by the same Autotron. We are currently proving a new interface which is icon driven and very intuitive, using a touchscreen. We expect further productivity gains from its use.”

He concludes: “With the savings that we make in wastage and the increase in productivity, there is no doubt that the Autotron will quickly pay for itself.”



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