Packaging solutions provider Starlinger has expanded its AD*STAR block-bottom valve sack range with the addition of three new sack types.


Image: The new Starlinger sack collection. Photo: courtesy of Starlinger Group.

AD*STAR *easy, IC*STAR *liner, and AD*STAR *ultra are the new sack types, which include advanced features that facilitates diverse areas of application.

AD*STAR *easy is provided with an easy-open feature to enable quick and easy emptying without the use of mechanical tools. A strip welded to the bottom patch has to be pulled off to open the sack.

The new easy-open feature is offered on the Starlinger sack conversion line ad*starKON HX, which is equipped with intelligent features such as iMOVE, iSHAPE, and iPATCH, as well as a dual stacking unit.

The line is said to cover wide format range, from a sack capacity of only five litres up to 100 litres.

IC*STAR *liner is closed by welding instead of sewing for sealing in tight way, allowing significant material savings in production.

During the production process, the IC*STAR *liner will be automatically lined with a polyethylene film to offer maximum product protection for sensitive applications such as the packaging of food and hygroscopic products.

Starlinger’s FX 6.0 L circular loom is used for the production of fabric for the IC*STAR *liner.

Weighing only 62gm, the AD*STAR *ultra is the lightweight of all woven bags made of polypropylene fabric.

The tensile energy absorption (TEA) plays a significant role in dry bulk goods such as cement. The packaging will be subjected to considerable forces during sack filling or a fall from a large height.

Starlinger tapes exhibit a high elongation, which is retained over the entire process chain. It will help deliver optimal performance under stress.

Starlinger produces diverse range of packaging solutions made of woven plastic fabric. It manufactures PP*STAR pinch-bottom sack for consumer goods packaging, AD*STAR *carry with handles for the do-it-yourself market and AD*STAR *mini with a capacity of 5-15kg for the packaging of smaller product quantities.

Since the early 1970’s, the company has been providing machines for woven plastic packaging production.