The Clear Stream programme facilitates the conversion of consumer plastic waste into reusable and viable products for material handling


The reusable straight wall containers from SSI Schaefer. (Credit: Schaefer Systems International, Inc.)

Schaefer Systems International, a subsidiary of SSI SCHAEFER Group, has launched a Clear Stream programme for its reusable containers, as part of its sustainable efforts.

Part of the 50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders initiative, the SSI Schaefer Clear Stream programme will focus on restricting the entry of rigid plastic waste into the oceans.

The Clear Stream programme enables to convert consumer plastic waste into reusable and viable products for material handling.

SSI Schaefer Clear Stream programme integrates ocean-bound plastic, which is collected from traditional post-consumer resin. The post-consumer resin is usually gathered from at-risk areas to restrict plastics reaching beaches and waterways.

Clear Stream programme to help clients implement sustainability measures

Schaefer Systems said that Clear Stream programme will help its clients to implement sustainability measures into their process, as well as facilitates to maintain a sustainable supply chain across the manufacturing process.

SSI Schaefer already offers a sustainable closed-loop transport supply chain via reusable packaging, and the current programme will help further boost sustainability efforts.

According to the company, the programme continues to offer a sustainable option for material handling within the supply chain for manufacturing.

Schaefer Systems International packaging systems division vice-president Andy Schumacher said: “We’re committed to sustainability and our Clear Stream program, which enables our clients to meet or succeed their sustainability goals.

“Clear Stream falls within the SSI Sustainable Initiatives, and when combined with our other sustainability programs like our recycling buyback program, it’s a win-win combination for our clients and our planet.”

Schaefer Systems International offers reusable packaging, storage, materials handling, logistics, warehouse software and waste technology solutions to businesses across North America.

The company is engaged in the designing and manufacturing of advanced intralogistics storage and picking solutions for all types of industries, as well as plastic containers, pallets, and waste and recycling carts.

In May this year, Schaefer Systems International launched a national reusable container asset management and recovery service to better serve its customers.