SSI Schaefer’s packaging systems division will offer complete end-to-end sustainable asset tracking and quality assurance services


SSI Schaefer has introduced reusable container asset management and recovery service. (Credit: Schaefer Systems International, Inc)

Schaefer Systems International has launched a national reusable container asset management and recovery service to better serve its customers.

The packaging systems division within SSI Schaefer will offer complete end-to-end sustainable asset tracking and quality assurance services.

The clients can now access the new Schaefer Track & Trace (ST&T) service and ship returnable packaging to a designated end-point.

The quality assurance consists of complete inspection and repair

Later, SSI Schaefer’s packaging experts will schedule a pick-up and inspect all assets. The quality assurance will include a complete inspection and repair or replacement containers, as per the requirement.

Upon completion of the process, SSI Schaefer will return all assets to the manufacturer.

The service also includes the offering of a real-time cloud-based system, which facilitates supply chain professionals to manage assets at any time.

According to the company, the ST&T service offers clients the flexibility to scale when demand is driven by market conditions.

The company also offers a sustainable recycling program for the customers when markets are reversed, said the company.

Schaefer Systems International packaging systems division vice president Andy Schumacher said: “This is a great opportunity to provide our clients with a service to help boost their bottom line.

“Outsourcing reusable packaging management reduces the number of units purchased, which saves our clients money.”

In October 2019, Schaefer Systems International signed a sales agreement with material technologies provider Woodbridge for the latter’s expanded particle foam packaging.

Schaefer Systems International offers storage, materials handling, logistics, warehouse software, reusable packaging, and waste technology solutions to businesses across North America. Schaefer.

The company has expertise in the designing and manufacturing of advanced innovative intralogistics storage and picking solutions for all types of industries as well as plastic containers, pallets, and waste and recycling carts.