A new distribution centre representing an investment of €9M has been opened by Avery Dennison Roll Materials Europe at Milton Keynes, UK.

The 7,000m2 facility currently houses two 2m wide Wickeltechnik slitters with the flexibility for running a wide variety of substrates from clear on clear to papers. Together they accounted for $3.5M of the investment. Current capacity of the plant is 140Mm2, but when a further two slitters are added in mid October this year, this will rise to 250Mm2. And a semi automatic packaging line, designed for flexibility of operation and featuring trolleys, which will carry the slit cheeses to wrapping, labelling and palletizing stations, is to be installed by the end of July. Some 5Mm2 of stock is stored at any one time.

“At the core of our new Horizon programme is understanding in depth what your customer needs today,” said John Collins, the recently appointed vice president and general manager, Northern Region, for Avery Dennison Roll Materials Europe. “And what do they need? Speed of delivery is essential. The ability to respond the same day is why we have spent the money here.”

The DC offers 72 products from a wide portfolio from the Fasson and Jac brand self adhesive roll labelstocks, with 17 available on the Exact or Exact Plus service.


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