Ishida Europe has launched a weigh price labeller specifically designed for the European food market. The WPL 5000 offers label printing speeds up to 255mm/sec for awkward shaped products.

The label cassette system is said to allow changeover in 10 seconds as it simply slots into place on the weigh price labeller. Another advance is the option to label both the top and bottom of the same pack.

This, in conjunction with the label cassette, allows several short runs of different products to be completed with minimum downtime for re-adjustment.

Nine air cylinder arms ensure accurate placement of each label at high speed, while the under labeller incorporates a final blast of air after application to ensure that, even on convex shaped packs, each label is securely attached.

A built-in ethernet means the WPL 5000 can be monitored in real time by both local supervisors and from a central control point.