Release papers developed by S+E are claimed to make it easier to produce double sided adhesive tapes even at very high speeds. Tape production by the transfer method is gaining in popularity, the company notes. In this method, only one layer of pressure sensitive adhesive is applied to the double-sided silicone coated release paper, which is then rolled.

To ensure that the roll of adhesive film does not alternately adhere to the front and the reverse side of the release paper (a process known as ‘confusion’), it is necessary to use release papers with release values of different grades on each side.

S+E developed special silicone mixes for a customer that are said to have release value grades only marginally different and yet still reliably prevent confusion of the adhesive during the transfer process. This enables the tapes to be transferred from one roll to another, even at high speeds, and the user has no difficulties in removing the release paper from the self adhesive strip, the company states.



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