Hull-based Harlands Labels has perfected a system for adding sparkle effects to self-adhesive labels using polyester particles in place of conventional metallic glitter.

Developed with an ink supplier, Harlands’ polyester-based ‘glitter ink’ is finished in a range of colours, alongside traditional gold and silver, and can be applied to self-adhesive labels on Harlands’ narrow web flat screen and letterpress combination presses.

Unlike some metallic inks the ink will not activate metal detection units on filling lines but, Harlands claims, affords equally, if not more, striking visual impact.

Managing director Ian Wright explains: “It took time to find a way to make the product safe to use in customer environments but we eventually devised a system using 2-3 micron polyester particles in a highly viscous ink base. Using the ink on our flat screen presses, with their coarse screen, has produced great results.”