Designed to offer effective product protection and high-impact on-shelf appeal, the user-friendly pot is capable of withstanding high-pressure processing


Superfos’ moisture and pressure-resistant, user-friendly pot. (Credit: Berry Global Inc.)

Spanish tropical fruit processor Avomix has partnered with Superfos, a Berry Global company, to develop moisture and pressure-resistant, user-friendly pot for its quality fresh and pure guacamole.

The new pot, which is designed to offer effective product protection and high-impact on-shelf appeal, is capable of withstanding high-pressure processing.

Avomix CEO Juan Antonio said that the new solution eliminates the need for additives and preservatives in the product.

Antonio added: “At Avomix, we focus on putting the most natural products on the market. We want to promote healthy eating through our balanced and all-natural products with no additives, no added sugar, and no preservatives. To this end, the packaging, such as that for guacamole, plays a vital role.”

Avomix’s SuperLock pot features a twist-off lid

The SuperLock pot opted by Avomix features a twist-off lid. The pot also features non-barrier in-mould labels with special dyes and lacquers that are provided by Belgium label supplier Verstraete IML.

Antonio further noted: “For us, it is important that our packaging is of the same high-quality as our guacamole.

“We are pleased with the SuperLock pot. It perfectly meets our expectations; it is strong and looks appealing and the easily reclosable lid is a further benefit for the end-user.”

Manufactured in 100% polypropylene, the recyclable SuperLock comprises a replaceable lid designed to protect the contents once opened while allowing portion control.

In June, Superfos has introduced a new non-carbon black masterbatch solution for food and non-food product applications.

In addition to enabling easy sorting of packages for recycling purposes, the new solution helps in the significant improvement over conventional carbon-black plastic, as they cannot be detected in the waste sorting process.