The new roll-feed, cut and seal machine has been designed to provide better automation capabilities to the production environment


Tyvek roll-feed, cut and seal machine. (Credit: Sonoco Products Company)

Sonoco’s Alloyd division has introduced a new Tyvek roll-feed, cut and seal machine for medical packaging applications.

The new integrated machine has been developed to provide better automation capabilities to the production environment.

Alloyd’s new machine, which is an addition to the existing line of Aergo 2 and Aergo 2 Plus heat sealing machines, serves as an efficient production system for sealing Tyvek-based packaging.

Benefits offered by new roll-feed, cut and seal machine

Designed to handle a maximum width of 14 inches, the new machine is compatible with all common Tyvek heat sealable lidding solutions such as Tyvek 2FS, 1059B and 1073B.

The new machine from Alloyd features an automatic Tyvek feeder to increase production speeds of semi-automatic equipment. It also enables the use of thinner Tyvek, as it may impact tray contact during the packaging process due to the lack of air movement.

The new roll-feed, cut and seal machine uses either linear length measurement or a unique optical scanner for precise cutting registration.

Furthermore, construction of Tyvek, made from 100% high-density polyethylene (HDPE), allows the collection and mechanical recycling of scrap into a range of other products.

Sonoco global plastics segment vice president Jim Lassiter said: “Precision and performance are so critical in medical packaging where there is very little, if any, room for error.

“The fact that the addition of this machine to the production process is able to dramatically reduce, or in some cases, completely eliminate operator error, delivers peace of mind for customers because they can have greater confidence in the performance of their final package.”

In August this year, Sonoco wrapped up the acquisition of Can Packaging, a French manufacturer of sustainable paper packaging and related manufacturing equipment, for about $49m.

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