The new BtrBtl sustainable bottle features an advanced additive, which facilitates to biodegrade in landfills at an accelerated rate


So Good So You has introduced new landfill-degrading beverage bottle. (Credit: PRNewsfoto / So Good So You)

So Good So You, a provider of premium refrigerated wellness shots, has introduced a new sustainable beverage bottle called BtrBtl.

BtrBtl, which looks similar to other plastics, is claimed to be the industry’s first accelerated landfill-degrading beverage bottle.

The new sustainable bottle is provided with an advanced additive, which enables to biodegrade in landfills at an accelerated rate without leaving microplastic fragments.

BtrBtl is a fully recyclable bottle that turns into water, soil and gas

The fully recyclable bottle has the capacity to biodegrade more than 30% upon the completion of the first year in commercial landfill conditions.

According to the company, the new sustainable beverage bottle turns into water, soil and gas that can be collected and converted into clean energy at landfill facilities.

So Good So You co-founder and board chair Rita Katona said: “After two years of planning, all our immune-supporting shots will be packaged in the BtrBtl, and with this innovation we hope to inspire individuals and other companies to make decisions that put people and planet first.”

So Good So You produce its functional shots at the renewable energy-powered, zero-waste manufacturing facility in Minneapolis, US.

So Good So You’ stated that its plant-based functional beverages are made with only certified organic and non-GMO-verified ingredients. Its functional shots are available in different varieties such as Immunity, Energy, Sleep, Detox, Digestion, Beauty, Longevity and Endurance.

The company sells its functional shots in over 4,000 stores such as Target, Publix, Sprouts and Safeway across the country.

So Good So You co-founder and CEO Eric Hall said: “We know there is a long way to go in making substantial change to the broken waste management system. With BtrBtl, we’ve found a better way to package our beverages, and we look forward to a future where all companies and individuals continue to drive meaningful change.”

Earlier this month, Food company Danone’s bottled water brand Evian introduced a new label-free, fully recyclable water bottle as part of its sustainability efforts.