In what has been described as a ground-breaking step in improving recycling practice in the UK, is a joint initiative between the Liquid Food Carton Manufacturers Association and Smith Anderson.

This project is the culmination of two years extensive research and trials to utilise the valuable fibres in beverage cartons, which are successfully recycled throughout Europe and Scandinavia.

Building on its existing waste paper and cardboard collection scheme, Smith Anderson will develop carton collection schemes in the UK and Eire with the LFCMA and re-processing at its facility in Leslie, Fife.

The fact that the paper content of the beverage cartons is between 75-90%, the link with Smith Anderson has proved to be a crucial factor in the success of the partnership and the overall recycling strategy.

Pioneering the recycling loop for many years, Smith Anderson already returns such reclaimed fibres to the consumer in the form of paper, paper bags, envelopes and other forms of packaging and stationery products.

The paper grade produced from recycled cartons will be of particularly high quality as they are made from virgin pulp with long fibres.

Says Smith Anderson’s commercial director Stephen Hutt: “This is the first commercial site in the UK for the reprocessing of cartons and continues our commitment to find alternative fibre sources.

“By doing so, benefiting environmental management,”