Flint Ink and KeyMaster Technologies, a specialist in counterfeit prevention and brand protection, have formed an alliance to provide ‘smart’ inks and coatings containing a hidden code that gives a unique signature tag when they are applied to products or packaging. Licensed brand owners can use the inks, in conjunction with KeyMaster’s readers, to track and authenti- cate their products.

Dr Bruce Kaiser, KeyMaster’s chief technology officer, says the integrity of a brand product can be ensured, from its manufacturing material to its label, to its packaging. He notes: “A fragrance can now be tagged prior to its use in a perfume. With additional tags on labels and packaging, each element is protected, as is the total brand package.”

Leonard Walle, director of new business development for Flint Ink adds: “KeyMaster provides the best tagging security solution for our customers.”

More information from Robert Purshouse, Flint Ink Europe – TEL: +44 (0)1902 871028. EMAIL: probinso@flintink.com