A high power UV curing head suitable for adhesive, inkjet and small print UV cure applications has been launched by Jenton International. The JA70 is a 140W/cm modular unit with a 70mm active cure length. It features a new, ‘fast start’ bulb available with mercury (UVA/UVC) and gallium (UVA/UVV)doping. Bulbs can be changed easily and quickly, it is stated, due to an innovative custom ceramic bulb end and reflector cradle design.

Jenton says it has designed a power supply with robust components for long life, while remote interlocks allow incorporation into automated systems.

The JA 70 head itself has mountings that allow it to be quickly installed into ovens, conveyors or custom curing systems. First installations have been on inkjet and medical adhesive curing, and optoelectronic applications.

The new lamps are available for OEM applications, and their control functions and housings can be customized.


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