The new EasiTrac slider and cradle assembly from NDC Infrared Engineering has been developed as a fast, convenient and practical fixed point housing solution for any of the company’s series 710 on-line measurement sensors. It is said to be ideal for any narrow web installation, allowing manufacturers to eliminate the time wasted designing and fixing ‘homemade’ support brackets and to maximize process efficiency and profitability.

A major feature of the assembly is its suitability for use where avoiding contamination risk is vital. As the EasiTrac’s slider bearings require no lubrication they prevent the build-up of dust and lubricant residue. The solution is said to be hygienic and suitable for use in food, medical and other cleanroom applications.

EasiTrac consists of a length of aluminium support rail, fitted with a lockable slider, attached to an adjustable bracket. Any NDC Infrared series 710 sensor can be mounted onto the bracket and adjusted by up to 20 degrees to allow easy positioning of the sensorĀ¹s beam on the web. The track allows the sensor to be moved to any position on the web. For example, during line start-up, it is common to check left and right web positions, check the moisture or coatweight profile and then lock the gauge in a central position. For multiple sensor applications, where multi component measurements are required, a number of sliders can be fitted to the same rail.

The predrilled rail is said to be simple to fix in position and support rail extensions can be purchased separately, up to a maximum unsupported length of 2.5m.


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