A Norwegian fish company has started using Skanem ‘sleeves’ to help improve sales of its fish products.

Skanem says the backing-less labels, which look effectively like a ‘sleeve’ when on the

product, are helping the image of the range to such an extent that the company has reported a rise in sales of over 45% since the labels were introduced. Previously, the company was using conventional labels on its tray packs.

Lofoten, based in Leknes in the far North of Norway, is having the sleeves printed at Skanem’s site in Newcastle and then delivered for application to its Norwegian base.

Paul Beamish, technical director of Skanem Systems says, “The new fish sleeves are an excellent example of how backing-less labels are taking off in the fresh food industry. The high quality, luxurious print and smooth, seamless look of the resulting packaging combine to make the products really stand out on shelf.”

The SE Sleeves being used at Lofoten can be applied by hand or automatically on-reel. For hand application the sleeves are supplied in a block. With the block format there are strips of adhesive that, when placed in contact with the object, adhere to form the finished decorated pack.

The top sleeve is prevented from adhering to the next sleeve by a protective varnish which allows the next sleeve to be taken off and applied to the product.

The automatic SE sleeving system is capable of speeds of up to 100/min and able to link to existing weigh scale applications allowing on-line coding.