The new line of products provides additional sustainable alternatives without compromising prestige and performance to beauty and personal care companies


Silgan Dispensing’s newest lotion pump, Sinfonia Crème Elegance. (Credit: Silgan Dispensing Systems)

Silgan Dispensing, a developer of pumps and sprayers for beauty, home and garden markets, has unveiled its plans to introduce several new fine mist and pump solutions.

The new solutions include Mark VII Max Blossom, Sinfonia Crème Elegance, SP22 SR, and Sinfonia Elegance SR.

They will be unveiled at Paris Packaging Week, an exhibition to be held in Paris, France on 29 and 30 June.

Mark VII Max Blossom is an ultra-fine mist sprayer that offers a premium impression compared to other spray offerings. The propellant-free sprayer has an extended spray pattern that helps distribute smaller micro droplets for dryer skin applications. To be available in early 2023, Mark VII Max Blossom will be offered in both stock and customised configurations.

Sinfonia Crème Elegance is the company’s new lotion pump that uses the Sinfonia Elegance engine. The POM-free pump was sustainably designed to offer a reduced force-to-actuation (-40%), enabling a noise-free and softer actuation option for the company’s Sinfonia line. Sinfonia Crème Elegance is available with five different outputs and several closures.

The company is also introducing two pump solutions dedicated to aggressive formulas: SP22 SR and Sinfonia Elegance SR (Superior Resistance). SR pumps integrate reinforced engines to withstand highly aggressive formulations like oils, foundations and bi-phase formulas, which can deteriorate pump performance over time.

SP22 SR is available in different outputs, closures and spray patterns, including Panache Pulse.

Sinfonia Elegance SR upgrades upon Sinfonia SR by improving certain components with PE material, enhancing its compatibility with aggressive formulas and ingredients. It also continues the Sinfonia line’s versatility by using a wide range of closure sizes, finishes, actuators and overcaps available on the Sinfonia platform.

Silgan Dispensing global fine mist marketing senior manager Etienne Briere said: “Sustainability and customisation remain immensely important for beauty and personal care brands.

“The range and depth of products we’re debuting at Paris Packaging Week will afford brands more solutions in these areas, exemplifying Silgan Dispensing’s mission of developing innovative, sustainable solutions for our customers.”

In September last year, the company introduced the next generation of its airless system called Pearl 2.