combibloc ECOPLUS packaging material is made up of 82% renewable paperboard and has an ultra-thin polymer layer to protect the quality of the product over a long time

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OSM Łowicz’s aseptic carton packs made from combibloc ECOPLUS. (Credit: SIG)

Aseptic packaging maker SIG has provided its combibloc ECOPLUS packaging material to Poland-based OSM Łowicz for its liquid dairy range.

OSM Łowicz will now use SIG’s square base family pack combiblocMidi, and its combiblocSlimline carton pack in a small 500ml volume, with combibloc ECOPLUS.

According to SIG, the material with no aluminium layer enables the dairy producer to expand its product volumes and product categories. It can help products on the shelf to stand out and also offer a sustainable packaging solution to its retailers and consumers.

OSM Łowicz started the transition with its lactose-free milk in combiblocSlimline 1,000 and 500 ml with combibloc ECOPLUS. Now, the firm has expanded its liquid dairy range to include combiblocMidi 500 ml with combibloc ECOPLUS in the cooking cream sector.

Made from 82% renewable paperboard, the combibloc ECOPLUS packaging material increases the positive environmental performance of aseptic carton packs. The presence of ultra-thin polymer layers also protects product quality over a long time.

SIG senior marketing manager Karina Zawadzka said: “We have a strong ethos of working closely with customers such as OSM Łowicz to pack food and beverage products in a safe, sustainable and affordable way.

“More than two billion of our well-established 1-litre combiblocSlimline carton packs with combibloc ECOPLUS packaging material have already been sold.

“By extending to combiblocMidi, our fastest growing modern family pack, we’re enhancing opportunities for our customers to differentiate their products in a stand-out pack, which also offers strong environmental credentials.”

The packaging firm claims that the new material cuts the carbon footprint of its standard packaging material by 27%.