Sidel has launched new EvoDECO labelling solutions, which are designed to meet the specific labeling needs of beverage producers.


Image: EvoDECO roll-fed labeller ensures easy operations during production and maintenance. Photo: courtesy of Sidel.

Featuring advanced design, the new labeling solutions will help producers to deliver different stock keeping units (SKUs).

The new platform supports several labeling applications in one multi-technology machine or a single labelling application through dedicated equipment.

EvoDECO Multi flexible labeling solution features a standardised carousel, which can be equipped with up to four different labelling technologies such as roll-fed, self-adhesive, cold glue and hot melt.

It allows manufacturers to apply several types of labels to different types of containers and packaging materials with varying formats and dimensions on a single machine at speeds ranging from 6,000 to 81,000 containers per hour.

EvoDECO Multi labeler has been designed to handle all types of labels, and is provided with brushless motors and labelling stations to avoid lubrication.

With four carousel sizes, three labelling stations and 24 configurations, the roll-fed holds capacity to generate outputs of up to 72,000 containers per hour. It can be used by water, carbonated soft drinks (CSD), juices and dairy producers.

Using hot glue to apply wrap-around plastic labels, the system can handle lightweight containers and ultra-thin labels.

It can be installed with an automatic label extraction system for consistent flow of production. The reels auto-splicing system can be activated at high speeds of up to 30,000 containers per hour, helping to improve productivity.

The system installed on the vacuum drum will help to automatically carry out cleaning during production.

The human-machine interface (HMI) integrated within the labelling station will help to control and adjust the solution.

EvoDECO Multi labeler also features vacuum drum for easy and quick replacement, as well as patented adjustable pads for longer production time.

Glue can be melted at a precise temperature through taking the support of an integrated glue tank, patented vertical melter and heat control system.