The new licence enabled the company to begin accepting used plastics for processing

waste plastic

Showa Denko has secured licence to process waste plastics. (Credit: Adrian Malec from Pixabay)

Japan-based Showa Denko (SDK) is set to focus on promoting plastic chemical recycling, as it secured a licence for the processing of industrial waste.

The company has begun accepting used plastics, which have been crushed and moulded.

Showa Denko has been running a plastic chemical recycling business since 2003

Since 2003, Showa Denko has been managing the plastic chemical recycling business, dubbed Kawasaki Plastic Recycling (KPR), through its facility in Japan’s Kawasaki City.

The business is mainly involved in the recycling of used plastics as raw materials for chemicals under the provisions of Containers and Packaging Recycling Law.

Showa Denko is said to gasify used plastics under high temperature and dissolve them to the level of molecules.

Later, the gasified plastics are transformed into low-carbon hydrogen and carbon dioxide. The low-carbon hydrogen will be used as raw material for the production of ammonia, while the carbon dioxide will be used as raw material for the production of dry ice and carbonated drinks.

SDK, which carries out plastic chemical recycling through gasification, aims to diversify sources of used plastics through the licence.

The company created a used-plastics procurement system to support the balanced operation of KPR.

According to the company, among nine million tonnes of used plastics discharged in Japan per annum, of which 7.5 million tons are reused and 1.42 million tons are not reused but incinerated or landfilled.

In July 2015, SDK and Kawasaki City signed an agreement to mutually bolster realisation of a society where low-carbon hydrogen with low environmental burden is utilised.

In March this year, Showa Denko Packaging (SPA) unveiled a new type of SPALF packaging material for pouch-type lithium-ion batteries (LIBs).