The new palletising robot will help reduce the risk of costly injuries, as well as improve the safety and effectiveness of the pallet stacking process


Shorr Packaging has introduced new collaborative robot palletising solution. (Credit: Hanchett Paper Company)

Shorr Packaging has launched a new palletising robot, which is designed to be used within a variety of different industries.

The collaborative robot palletising solution has been designed to stack products onto pallets up to 108” in height.

Designed to replace human palletising, Shorr’s new palletising robot will allow to reduce the risk of costly injuries by completely avoiding the use of warehouse employees to exert physical stress on their bodies through bending, lifting, reaching and twisting motions.

The new palletising robot, which is equipped to work continuously, will enable to improve the safety and effectiveness of the pallet stacking process.

The new palletising robot has the capacity to stack up to 6.5 packs per minute

Shorr has designed the palletising robot to lift up to a seven-pound package, as well as stack up to 6.5 packs per minute.

The new robot palletising solution has the capacity to handle product pallets in the intra-logistics area with the support of pneumatic vacuum generation.

The set includes all the components needed to create a complete gripper while facilitating simple assembly and commissioning.

Shorr has equipped the universal robot arm with clamps to securely organise electric lines. The Quick Changer feature facilitates the tool changing within five seconds.

The new solution also features Pendant Armor, which is a silicone-free rubber frame designed to protect pendant. It also includes touch-sensitive screen protectors that are shipped pre-cut to match the customer’s exact screen size.

The co-bot has been designed with 32 safety area patterns. The presence detection feature enables to identify humans or objects entering the hazardous area, and intrusion detection enables to identify access into the critical zone.

Shorr stated that its palletising robot solution was pre-engineered with universal components, which are compatible with almost any warehouse environment.

The segments include warehousing and logistics industry, contract packaging industry, food and beverage industry, ecommerce industry and others.

In February this year, Shorr Packaging announced its international expansion via the opening of its latest facility directly outside of Monterrey, Mexico.