Zero backlash is said to be provided by Lovejoy shaft locking devices with a keyless fit that reduces shaft stress by eliminating keyways or splines. The device connects a hub solidly to a shaft using a keyless mechanical interference fit to transmit torque or to withstand axial thrust. It releases easily to remove the mechanical interference fit. With this type of fit, the contact pressure can be greater than traditional interference fit pressures, allowing for greater torque transmission or shorter hubs.

Zero backlash means no movement between the shaft and hub, and no fretting corrosion due to movement at the fit interface. This can often allow the use of a smaller diameter shaft and the device can be placed anywhere on the shaft. Multiple shaft locking devices can be used in a series, increasing the transmissible torque.

Nine models include one external and eight internal shaft locking devices, for applications ranging from low torque situations with small radial dimensions, through medium to high torque. A broad selection of models fit various shaft sizes. Larger sizes are available on request.

The entire series of these devices is presented in a new catalogue, detailing proper sizing, selection, applications and installation. It details some of the most important considerations when selecting and fitting a shaft locking device, including verifing that the maximum torque transmitted is less than the maximum number listed for that particular model; and determining physical characteristics such as shaft diameter in inches or mm, the speed, hub diameter and hub bore, among other specifications.

Convenient tables help determine the shaft locking device based on shaft size. The brochure provides step-by-step instructions for installation, mounting and removal.


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