New clear self adhesive laminates from Avery Dennison Fasson Roll Europe are said to offer the opportunity to create "far more subtle" backgrounds for holographic labels.

The holographic pattern on the Fasson PM PET 50 Quartz and PM PET 50 Opal gloss clear polyester films is only ‘part metallized’, which avoids the dense opacity of conventional, fully metallized holograms. Instead, the company says, the effect is created of an apparent random scattering of light refracting fingerprint images “shimmering and dancing” across a smokey-grey or opalescent – but totally transparent – background.

This concept of ‘see-through’ holgraphic labelling is expected to have particular appeal for high value bottled products, such as perfumes, toiletries and spirits. It also has potential as an alternative to expensive de-metallized transparent films used as security overlays in passports and driving licences.

The PM PET 50 Quartz and PM PET 50 Opal products can be converted by all normal roll label technologies and are said to offer good foil stamping and die cutting performance.