AB Graphic International has installed a second Omega slitter/inspection rewinder at Labelgraphics Scotland. The line is fitted with the latest FleyeVision system from Flytec.

AB’s Omega 330 module incorporates pneumatic unwind mandrel with auto-brake tension control, inspection table and electronic guidance controls.

AB sales manager Tony Bell reveals: “Our design team, along with the people at Flytec, worked closely with Labelgraphics to ensure the Omega and Flytec combination would accurately meet their expectations of zero defect tolerance at a reasonable cost”.

The FleyeVision system is mounted above the inspection table. It performs 100 per cent inspection of the printed output. When a flaw is detected, the machine is slowed and the web stops with the defective image in a pre-defined position. Any further errors occurring in this phase are stored in the system’s memory. As soon as the defective image has reached the stop position it is displayed on the screen for correction by the operator.



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