An Essex-based entrepreneur is looking to secure interest in a plastic one-piece spoon and lid he has developed as an alternative to existing single and two-piece eating utensils which snap fit into the container lid.

Designed so consumers can easily eat products such as yoghurts and ice creams on the go, Michael Walker’s UniPot system has been patented here and in the US, with patents pending in other European countries.

It comprises a one-piece injection-moulded lid into whose rim a spoon, fork or other eating utensil is incorporated in a one-piece moulding. This is in contrast to existing spoon-in-lid containers, many of which of feature a two-piece spoon which must be removed and snapped together before use.

With the UniPot, the spoon or fork ‘hangs’ outside the container, either flush against the pack walls or within a special indented section.

Although yet to quantify any on-costs, Mr Walker believes producing the one-piece lid and spoon will add little to existing injection moulding costs, nor significantly reduce line speeds.