The prismiq brand offers a portfolio of solutions for design services including custom graphics, digital printing and smart packaging for enhanced customer engagement


Sealed Air’s prismiq 5540 digital printing system. (Credit: Sealed Air)

US-based packaging company Sealed Air (SEE) has introduced a new digital packaging brand, prismiq.

The prismiq brand offers a portfolio of solutions for design services, digital printing and smart packaging.

According to the company, prismiq offers a smart packaging solution which will enhance the products and customer engagement and eliminates waste and excess packaging.

The design services offered by the brand are customised to easily connect with brand owners.

SEE said that a team of 200 design specialists have worked with clients around the world to create custom graphics, design new concepts, and conduct performance testing.

The brand also offers digital printing so that SEE systems can test multiple designs on a single order, print serialized/digitized codes and images that are package-specific, and enable clients to have flexible order quantities as well as faster turnaround times.

SEE president and chief executive officer Ted Doheny said: “The future of digital packaging and graphics is here.

“prismiq, powered by our state-of-the-art digital printing technology is creating game-changing value for customers, enabling touchless automation both in our facilities and our customers’ operations, and making sustainability for packaging real.”

SEE chief growth & strategy officer Sergio Pupkin said: “With your smart phone, prismiq will allow you to see inside the package.

“Through the SEE Mark, multiple data signatures can be transmitted to your phone (QR, bar codes, RFID, recycling codes, date and time stamps, etc.) enhancing the human experience.”

SEE has spent more than $100m on digital transformation, including the installation of the world’s biggest, quickest, and most versatile digital printing machine, prismiq 5540.

Earlier this month, SEE, ExxonMobil and Ahold Delhaize USA collaborated on a circularity initiative to recycle the flexible plastics from the food supply chain and convert them into new, certified circular food-grade packaging.