A €1M contract has been awarded to Emerson and Renwick to incorporate four Cerutti gravure print units into a customer’s existing six colour Stork rotary screen line.

The work involves removal of the mechanical lineshaft systems to completely re-drive the machine by means of an electronic lineshaft, and conversion of the existing drying system from hot water to natural gas.

Emerson and Renwick claims to have been the first company to offer the electronic lineshaft as a standard on gravure presses. With over 50 installations worldwide, it uses AC servo drives and motors, and can be retrofitted to existing gravure or rotary screen machines.

Key benefits are said to include non stop design change and the ability to set-up non printing units while the machine is running.

More information from: John Booth, Emerson & Renwick – TEL: +44 (0)1254 872727. WEBSITE: www.eandr.com