The Carrier Bag Consortium – a group of plastic carrier bag producers and suppliers campaigning against the proposed UK bag tax – has released a guide to help retailers unravel what it believes to be environmental spin.

The guide is claimed to ‘scientifically’ cover the key issues of litter, landfill, oil and energy usage as well as point out the major re-use applications for plastics bags.

“We recognise that people have a genuine need to understand the facts,” said a spokesperson for the Carrier Bag Consortium.

  ‘Don’t make your customers carry the can’ draws on experiences from the controversial carrier bag tax imposed in Ireland. According to the CBC, checkout sales may have dropped by 90% but members, who also make bin liners and refuse sacks, report an increase of 300% in sales of bin bags as consumers use them in the absence of carriers. “There is no material saving so where is the environmental sense in all this,” said the spokesperson.

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