The new melting tank for pharmaceutical glass tubing in Mainz is planned to be commissioned in mid-2022


Schott’s main plant in Mainz, Germany. (Credit: SCHOTT)

Speciality glass manufacturer Schott has announced that it is investing €40m for the construction of a second melting tank for pharmaceutical glass tubing at its main plant in Mainz, Germany.

Expected to create 100 jobs, the new production facility is planned to be commissioned in mid-2022.

The new investment is part of Schott’s efforts to meet the demand for glass tubing for pharmaceutical packaging.

Schott board of management chairman Dr Frank Heinricht said: “We decided in favour of the Mainz site in order to further strengthen our production base for pharmaceutical glass tubing in Germany and Europe.

“In doing so, we naturally also have our sights set on the manufacturers of COVID-19 pandemic vaccines based here and the European pharmaceutical industry as a whole.”

To explore possible support for the health care system in Germany and Europe, Schott is in talks with the regional government of Rhineland-Palatinate, the federal government of Germany and the European Union.

Earlier, Schott commissioned a melting tank in India as well as a completely new plant in China, to expand its production capacities for pharmaceutical tubing.

The pharmaceutical glass production in Mainz is part of a global production network of the Schott’s Tubing Business Unit. The network also includes the Mitterteich site in Germany as well as factories in Brazil, India and China.

The company produces Fiolax pharmaceutical glass tubing that is said to meet the highest quality standards in the pharmaceutical industry.

Schott said that the borosilicate glass is designed to prevent interaction between the glass packaging and the medication. This, in turn, preserves the effectiveness of the medication.