Implementation of a tethered fitment will allow consumers and producers to recycle the cap along with the package


Scholle IPN has introduced new tethered fitments for flexible spouted pouches. (Credit: Scholle IPN)

Flexible packaging solutions provider Scholle IPN has unveiled a new line of tethered fitment solutions for flexible spouted pouches.

Scholle IPN is offering a new line of fitments under two different product families, including LinkCap and FlipCap.

Both product families are designed for pre-made, hybrid, and horizontal form-fill-seal applications in ambient, hot-fill, or retort processes.

Scholle IPN global fitment development director Tony Bloedt said: “Scholle IPN has been a pioneer in flexible packaging throughout its entire history, and this is no different.

“Not only were we looking to design fitments that were compliant with EU regulations, but we also wanted to ensure that these fitments were designed in a way that decreased our impact on the environment throughout the product’s entire lifecycle.”

Designed to boost the circular economy, the new line of tethered pouch fitments is in line with the EU’s Single-Use Plastics Directive.

The implementation of a tethered fitment will allow consumers and producers to recycle the cap along with the package.

The tethered cap solutions developed by the company will phase out loose components, in addition to offering child-safe designs and enhanced ergonomics.

Scholle IPN president and CEO Ross Bushnell said: “the team at Scholle IPN is singularly focused on the sustainable package design for liquid flexible packaging.

“We approach each project with a goal of removing waste and excessive source material in everything we produce.” Bushnell continued, “Doing more with less is core to who we are.”

In May this year, Scholle IPN launched a new range of Amazon ISTA-6 and SIOC-certified bag-in-box packaging for liquid products.

The company offers total flexible packaging solutions such as barrier films, as well as ergonomic fitments and advanced filling and sealing equipment for bag-in-box and pouches.